Don’t take our word for it: ask our clients

Ryan Clark, President and Managing Director Genstar Capital
"AcquiGrowth sourced an opportunity for us in the insurance brokerage space that ultimately ended up to be one of Genstar’s most successful investments of late. They were very thoughtful in determining the fit with Genstar and the management team, in tune with the dynamics of what was needed to bring the transaction to a successful close, and provided valuable insight throughout the process."
Boris Gutin, Managing Director GCP Capital Partners
"Angela was a great help and demonstrated extreme professionalism throughout the entire process of a transaction Greenhill Capital Partners recently completed. It is always a pleasure working with her, and we will certainly look to work with her in the future."
Michael Kalen, CEO Futurity First Insurance Group
"We have worked with Acquisition Growth Capital for over a year on a retained basis to research our target market and help create a strategic approach to growth through acquisition. Angela and her team were successful in each phase of the project, leading to a key acquisition for our company, as well as additional opportunities. Their work is thorough and they are uniquely proactive and reliable in all phases of the process."
Greg Williams, CEO Premier Financial
"After knowing Angela for a handful of years, it was a natural consideration for us to enlist her assistance as we sought to grow our company to the next level. She provided candid, honest and, most importantly, unbiased opinions throughout the process. The magnitude of her relationships within the private equity community proved very valuable as she ultimately identified and aligned us with a highly reputable capital partner that will bring long-term value. We would not hesitate to recommend AGC for expert investment banking services."
John Colis, President Euclid Insurance Services
"When we initially hired Angela Dubofsky to conduct an acquisition search for our agency, we were not aware that it was a decision that would bring such significant long-term value. Her group excels at uncovering acquisition opportunities and fostering relationships with the owners of these companies. We chose to remain a client long after the initial engagement expired."
Jim Tharp, President Financial Profiles
"At the outset of the project, Ms. Dubofsky emphasized that selling a business was very complex. Though, with the guidance of the right advisor, the end result can be quite rewarding. Her expertise helped us gain the best value for our business, as well as helped us navigate the many phases of the process."
Eugene Rice, President The Producer's Choice
"I had been in the insurance industry for many years and had not been formally considering selling when I began my conversations with Ms. Dubofsky. She helped me realize that making a decision to review offers was not the same as making a decision to sell. Her no pressure approach and ability to clearly outline the facts throughout the process was a calming and appreciated quality."
Todd Taranto, President Decision Tree Resources
"Angela, acting as a neutral third party, but representing our interest as buyers, was able to uncover the very unique niche of businesses that we desired. She went beyond the usual letter and email to usher interested sellers to the table. We closed on our first deal in less than a year and hope to put together many more."
Alan Daniel Daniel & Associates
"As they say, it is all about who you know. And because I know the professionals at AGC, my associates know the right person for when it comes time for them to plan for the next level in the life of their business."
Pam Golner, President Golner Precision Products
"I did not go into the process of selling my business with a very positive outlook. I knew that finding a buyer for both my business and my real estate was a tall order. Angela Dubofsky was very honest with me and relayed what a challenge it was going to be….like finding a needle in the haystack. Nevertheless, she found that needle, as well as kept me focused during that very stressful time."